Impeachment Is Correct, Not Courageous

As anyone who knows me is well aware, I have been advocating for impeachment for a very long time. Yet, tonight I feel sick. Yes, of course I am grateful that the House did the right thing by impeaching Trump on both articles that were drafted. But this brings me no joy. I am disgusted that so many of my fellow Americans voted for this monstrous bigot in the first place, horrified that a man who thrives on cruelty, deception, and grotesque subversion of justice was ever allowed to achieve the position of power that he still wields.

I am repulsed by those members of Congress who could not see fit to vote a reflexive, resounding YES on both articles purely as a matter of conscience and moral responsibility. There should have been no drama or suspense here, nor should there be accolades for representatives who have been lauded for their “courageous” decisions to place justice over politics. Doing what is unambiguously correct should be the expectation in leadership, not the breathless, venerated exception. Too many of our political leaders have drifted so far astray from any semblance of normalcy that the act of rebuking an objectively unfit, corrupt, repugnant character like Trump requires wrestling with one’s conscience and searching deeply within one’s heart. This pains me. It suggests that there is an acceptable alternative to the removal of a president who actively seeks to subvert our national interests and makes sport of the denigration of American values. There should not have been any angst or indecision here. The choice was incontrovertibly clear.

As this historic day comes to a close, I find myself relieved, yet simultaneously deeply distraught that the bar for what we expect of ourselves and of our leadership has been set so shamefully low. We must dig ourselves out of this putrid, ethically rotten sewer in which we find ourselves. Impeaching Trump was not brave; rather it was the clear obligation of any sentient legislator with a modicum of dignity and sliver of soul.

May our Senators find the wisdom to lead us out of our current political nightmare, guided by their sacred oaths to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and by the unwavering moral clarity of their convictions.

Physician, musician, mother, citizen of the world.

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